He came into my life after a series of miracles~from the back seat of a friends car he told her he loved me “cuz she smells like a piece if cake”~he let his big sister Katie hold his hand in parking lots, yet neither let go when all was safe~he was a shy little soul who only shared himself on stage~he survived a 6 month burst appendix with a rare courage, and a faith in yet another miracle~shortly after, he taught himself to play piano~less than two years later, he was accepted into Western Michigan University’s School of Music~he sang at his sister’s wedding, a song he wrote with his heart~a few months later that same heart that gives us all so much love, found a love of his own, someone we all love~he is a young man now, ready to leave the college cocoon, spread his wings marked with the beauty of all he has learned and loved~he is running a 50 mile race soon, Steve and I will be there~watching him run, smile on his face~the race will end, yet he will continue to move farther and farther away from us, exploring, sharing himself with the rest of the world~ no matter how far he wanders, we will always be here at the starting line, and the finishing tape of all the adventure awaiting our beautiful, big-hearted songbird, our Son,Katie’s brother, Bristols Uncle, our Bubby…

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