He came over to see Katie one day, and stood politely, and nervously in our entryway, and talked to us for quite awhile. The next ime he came to our home, was Prom Night, and he very sweetly asked me all kinds of questions about myself and Steve; the kind of questions I should have been asking him, it was so cute. Over the years we came to love Nathan very much, and grew very proud of his accomplishments: attending K College, and keeping up his grades while playing football, working, and sharing a life with Katie. We respected the fact that he waited until he had a job before he proposed to our daughter. Since their wedding, he has gone above and beyond his funny, sweet vows to Katie, making her a very happy bride, and now a very happy Mom. He stayed with her all through the labor and supported her. When they brought Bristol home he went right into Dad/Husband mode and took care of everything so Katie could concentrate on taking care of Bristol. And if that wasn’t enough, he took care of Bristol too! I apologize for the long winded posting, but a few words about Nathan would not honor the man he has become. We love you Nathan, and we are so thankful you walked through our door and into our daughter’s heart…

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