Seymour Frog


A few months back I discovered a little tree toad living in one of my plants I bring in from outside every October. I knew he was alive because I could see his heart beating. He was a tiny little thing burrowed in one of my Mom’s plants. I didn’t have the heart to put him out in the cold so I fed him and misted him and told him to hang in there, he’d be chirping with his friends in no time. Well one day I went to show him to Robby, and he wasn’t there, I figured he wandered off and got eaten by the cat. Gotta admit, I was kinda sad. A few weeks ago, I caught something moving out of the corner of my eye, thinking it was just the wine, And menopause madness, I ignored it. It kept moving, and I discovered it was my little friend. He was perched under some leaves in another plant, so I misted him and fed him. Next day he was gone again. Where he keeps going, I have no idea. I finally found him tonight perched on the cord behind the tv. Let me tell you he must have found a really good restaurant somewhere cuz he was quite a bit plumper than he was back in January. I took his chunky, slimy little body off the cord, and placed him, ironically back in the plant I found him in. I just put it back outside today to enjoy the warm weather. What a little miracle he is. I have no idea what he survived on until I discovered him, he must have been hibernating. But what was he eating once he woke up? Maybe I have a cricket farm somewhere in my house he raided. Anyway, Seymour, that’s his name, looked quite content as I bid him good bye for now…
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