The persistence of memories

Yesterday they were three boys, today young men. I missed so many things as they grew up so quickly. I missed the forts in the basement, the many projects made from Duct tape and Popsicle sticks, the sound of laughter and music drifting up the stairs as they played Dance Dance Revolution. The many jam sessions playing the classical rock I grew upon. Robby would have been mortified to know I was up in the kitchen dancing. I even miss the pungent smell of Axe cologne that lingered in my van long after dropping them off anywhere where girls would be present. But I especially miss the fun they had together as friends. They truly enjoyed each other, and they were loyal friends…The first to leave was Aaron, on his own in Chicago, busy carving his own niche in the world, yet not too busy to send me a sweet post from time to time. Aaron, I miss your smile, your humor, and your awesome drumbeats shaking my wooden floor. But mostly I miss the friend you were to Robby. Second to leave was Graham. He left yesterday. He was Robby’s first friend when we came to Plainwell. He brought Robby out of his shell, and along with Aaron showed him the funny side of life. Graham, I miss your Jiminy Glick imitations, your goofy movie productions in my backyard, your visits with me when I was too sick to get out of bed. But mostly I miss the friend you were to Robby. Soon to leave will be my son Robby. I will miss him so much. I will miss the little boy who liked to hug his Mommy, the sound of his fingers telling me how he felt as they hit each key of the piano, his little voice singing His own version of “How sweet it is to be Loved by Mama”. But mostly I will miss him, knowing his hugs are only a few miles away… Even though these young men will be miles apart I hope they will remember the friendships that made them the loving, caring, grounded, young men with the hearts of boys, they are today. — with Erin Eggleston and 3 others.

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