Happy Mother’s Day Nana

Hi Mom,
Today is Mother’s Day, and I wish you here to share in the joy that is Bristol. I know now how happy you were with each new Grandchild. You were truly blessed; you are still blessed because your Grandchildren are giving you and Dad very special Great Grandchildren. With each generation comes a new chapter in Motherhood. Bristol and every Grandchild I am blessed with will give me a chance to pass all the wisdom I garnered from the many mistakes I made, and happy milestones I attained as a Mom. I have come to the realization of what being Nana meant to you. It was a second chance, and you got it right. I only hope I am able to take several pages from your book. We may have lost you, but with every new soul born to this big, beautiful family, we get a piece of you back….

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