A Poignant Day

A poignant day…..Today marks the anniversary of a two year journey through loss and love, and the many lessons learned when faith in God shines it’s light. Throughout this saga I watched my best friend deal with the loss of her husband Dennis; she reached out to her world of friends, bravely sharing her sorrow. Ironically she helped us more than we helped her. She showed us how much faith she had in God’s promise of joy stemming from faith, strength from grace, and hope answered by way of prayer. She also discovered the complexities of love, and the resilience of the heart. As her heart began to heal, it also grew, making room for new love. My dear friend is happiest when she can share her heart, a fact known by all who know and love our Debra Jane. It is why she grieved the loss of love, and why she now celebrates a prayer answered. A prayer for happiness. Happiness found when once again she is able to share her heart. I know Dennis is smiling down on her as she moves forward, thanks in part to all she learned about life, love, and herself, throughout the time they shared together….If the seed had never been planted, the flower would never have grown. If the flower had not been nurtured and cared for, it would not have survived. All the beauty, happiness, and life it stands for would have died along with it. Instead it is now a garden. A garden full of God’s promise now cared for by new love…. — with Debra J. Blood.

One thought on “A Poignant Day

  1. You my precious one will always be one of the greatest reasons I made it to today !!! I love you so and I can’t tell you how good it is to be still standing in the light of God, and next to you and so many others that have lifted me up !! I love you.
    Debra J. Blood


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