An Apple a Decade….

Way back in 1995 when Steve and I worked in a nursing home together, we heard stories from a patient about delicious Northern Spy Apples. So I saved some seeds from one of the apples she gave me, brought to her from a relative. Steve and the kids started growing a few in a Dixie cup. It sat in the window of our house on Minor Street, and we anxiously watched it grow slowly til 1999 when we moved to Plainwell. As it got bigger we put it in bigger pots. In 2000 we finally planted it the yard of our new home. This special tree is part of my Memorial Garden. It is a special part of our history because it has travelled with us everywhere we have lived, and its seed came from the nursing home where we met. It is also special because it has grown slowly, reminding us of the importance of taking your time. The tree has never flowered and of course never born fruit. Every year, with great faith, we say “Next year”. This year once again it never flowered. Well, we thought it didn’t. It must have flowered in one small area because Steve spotted one small green apple. He was taking me for a walk around the back yard when he saw it. I love that we were together when it was discovered. The smile on Steve’s face….put there by an apple. A small green apple born from years of special care, and a tree surrounded with a family’s love. I believe it is a small gift filled with great hope, a gift from God given at a time when we both needed it most….

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