Yet Another Big Piece of My Heart

Dear Mom,
You used to call him Saint Steve. Well he is still here. He knew what he was getting into when he married me…..twice. Once on the shores of Lake Superior on a crisp clear Saturday night. It was important to Steve that the wedding would be just he, I and the kids. he wanted them to know just how much he loved them and wanted to include that in his vows. The kids helped me make my ‘veil’ from twigs and flowers. It was the prettiest crown, taylor made for a north woods wedding. ( I still have it) We waited til the sunset to begin the ceremony. The whoosh of the waves hitting the rocky shore served as background music as he and I, Katie and Robby stood around a fire. We each read what it meant to be a family, and together threw our thoughts and promises written on paper into the fire. As the embers cooled we had a small reception just the four of us; out on a rock just big enough for us to dance join hands and sing ” here we go loop de loo, here we go loop de li, here we go loop de loo, all on a Saturday night! To this day, that is our Wedding Song…..A few years later on yet another crisp cool October night we married again, legally. We felt it was important for the family to have insurance coverage. But that didn’t detract from the special event. It was a Tuesday night because we wanted it to be the same date our real marriage took place. (Oct 5th). We were married in a meadow behind the house Where Steve grew up. There was a ancient autumn olive tree Steve showed me the first time he took me back there and I fell in love with it. I remember thinking, ‘ I am gonna marry this guy under this tree someday’. And I did. On the night of the wedding the sun was shining along the edges of the treetops as we made our way back to the tree. Steve’s best friend Ben played the harp, each note seemed to reflect the magic of the moment. When it came time to say our vows I was so thankful for our very patient reverend. She let me stumble and cry, and shot a much needed smile when I needed it. Steve on the other hand said his vows with such serious yet heartfelt tenacity I knew he would never waver from his vows, and he never has. He has been my husband, my best friend, my anchor. He has been a father, a dad, and even a mom to Katie and Robby when I couldn’t be. I know this is quite a wordy status, as are most of mine, but its quite short in comparison to all the words of love honor, respect, and gratitude that reside in my heart reserved just for him. I thank God everyday for the night he brought us together; as we threw the cooled ashes from our family fire into Lake Superior, spreading our promises to the wind and water. God as our officiant, Katie my maid of honor, Robby the best man. The reception out on the rock under the moon. A family made in one magical night. A family still, growing in leaps and bounds. And at its center, father, husband, grandfather, father in law, friend….Steve.

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