Bristol’s First Birthday

Dear Mom,
Laying here thinking about all the blessings bundled into one little baby, that started one day, one year ago…her first breath, as we all held our breath waiting~Her first hour bonding with Mommy and Daddy~Her first bath given lovingly by ET(Kristy), ~Her first hours spent in the loving arms of family and friends~ Her first night home as we took turns holding her all night long~ her first slumber party that lasted two weeks, just us girls, cuddled together in the living room every night, our little nucleus of love and safety, while her Daddy took care of everything around us, he kept us fed and kept the house clean, ran errands, changed diapers, and in return we made sure he got to sleep at night~Her big smile captured on my iPad among the other four thousand smiling faces of Miss B~ Her first day with me when her Mommy went back to work, it was the iciest day of the year, and as I sat in the drive way safe at home with our precious bundle in the backseat I realized this is the beginning of a gift God has smiled upon me. So I very carefully picked her up, carried her inside to be greeted by two very happy dogs who had no idea what joy they were about to behold. I took her out of her carseat, carried her over to the couch, sat down looked into her big blue eyes and knew I was holding a bundle of blessings; and if I had been able to glimpse into the future and see all the firsts and all the smiles, all the laughs, all the special moments this year brought, I would have sat there a little longer and held her even tighter, and cried even more tears of joy….I Love you Bristol Boo and I am looking forward to many more milestones to celebrate with you! Happy First Birthday! —

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