I Want to be Wrong

For the sake of this great nation, I wanted to be wrong about my sense of dread when we elected our 45th President. For the sake of my children’s future, for the sake of my grandchildren’s lives in the years to come, I wanted to be wrong about fearing the strong possibility of war at the hands of a man sorely unqualified to lead us safely. For the sake of every minority, immigrant, and disabled person, I wanted to be wrong in my suspicions that our 45th President is a bigoted nationalist who prefers tax breaks for his cronies to providing affordable healthcare for everyone. He would rather distract us from the Russian investigation with declarations that will hurt many men and women who have sacrificed much to protect our country, than face up to any wrongdoing on his part. For the sake of my husband, a man who works hard, and loves his family beyond words, I wanted to be wrong in my certainty that the man who wanted to drain the swamp would become the slimiest snake in an attempt to destroy our government and lay waste to social security, give tax breaks to the rich, and wipe out the middle class as we know it. For the sake of my father, who fought in the Second World War, a war fought to defend our freedom; I wanted to be wrong in my fear that 45 would pick a fight with a dangerous dictator out of a desperate attempt to gain glory as a military leader, complete with generals and soldiers to do his bidding. I wanted to be proven wrong when to my horror I saw a man who ducked out of the Vietnam war, wanting to be a war hero leader, spreading “fire and fury”, and lining his pockets while good brave men and women die for him. For the sake of our legacy of strong leadership, I wanted to be wrong when I worried that our current leader would spend more time golfing, attending rallies to boost his ego, and continuing his campaign of narcissism, than he would leading us with strength and dignity. For the sake of the man who came before him, President Obama, I wanted to be wrong about my certainty that his successor would be more interested in turning his hard work into distant memories by undoing all the good things President Obama did for this great country. I wanted to be wrong when I thought no one seemed to care anymore. I was wrong. Our current leadership, under a man called Trump, has awoken a new era in political and social awareness. People who were once quiet are standing up, and being heard. The apathetic are now engaged in a fight for their future. A true spirit of patriotism has awoken. I am not speaking of the zealots who confuse jingoism for patriotism. I’m talking about the true spirit of democracy in action. A strong undercurrent of strength is making its way to the surface throughout this amazing country. We are returning to our roots as a nation, and fighting for freedom and tolerance once again. But we are still sorely divided. The chasm grows wider everyday. More than anything I wanted every tear I’ve shed for us since the morning of November 9, 2016 to become a distant memory, and a lesson in faith. Please God, prove me wrong in my fear, and unite us once again. Help us learn from the symbols of division we are fighting over. Help us to see the irony in a battle for flags and statues that represent a time when our division cost us so dearly. Show us how to find unity. At our core we strive for the same desires. We all need to feel safe, and satiated. We all need to connect, and feel love. We all need to be free to find our own version of happiness. Dear God help us find way to define those needs together and find a way to keep us from losing everything we need to survive. More than anything, I want to be proven wrong about our 45th president. But I would love to be wrong about my fear for our future at the hands of a man who cares only for wealthy, white, straight, gender born, American citizens( with the exception of Vladimir Putin) who glorify him. It’s a strange place here in the land of fear and uncertainty. But the darkness that surrounds us is slowly being illuminated with the light of action. Faith lights our way like footlights on a wooded path. I will stay on that path, and despite the fear that takes my sleep some days, I will not lose hope. God will prove me wrong.

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