Happy Famiversary

Twenty-one years ago today, my family began an adventure that has taken some of us from adolescent angst to adult joys and woes, childhood to parenthood, a house full to an empty nest, and back to fullof life once again; parenthood to grandparent land and all the joys that come with it. We became a family on the shores of Lake Superior all those years ago. We each spoke about what family meant to us. Those words became our vows, and from those words a family formed. Seventeen of the last twenty-one years were spent in the house we just recently sold. We packed a lot of love and happiness, sickness and grief, harrow and hope into the small house on 6th street. And now we are literally packing up our memories, and moving closer to our daughter Katie’s family. The pictures are off the walls, mementos no longer line the mantel. Books and family photos no longer crowd the shelves Steve so sweetly and expertly made for me; knowing how much I like to read real live books, and display family photos everywhere. Our granddaughters’ toys are boxed up, and the crib taken apart. The board in the entryway to the kitchen we used to measure our Miss B and Ellie, has been taken down and replaced. It will be treasured along with the one we used to measure Katie and Robby through the years. Even the chew toys left under the couch from furry family members gone, but not forgotten, are no longer there. Not long after we accepted the offer on our house, we began the arduous task of gathering up the last seventeen years. So many memories packed in boxes, stacked floor to ceiling like Miss B’s favorite Lego towers. I wanted to savor each box of memories as I packed it. I wished I could open a box and hear Katie’s friend’s laughter drift up the stairs one more time. I wished I could open a bag and see Robby and his friends making a goofy video. I wanted to stand in the kitchen and quietly rock out to Robby’s band rehearsing one more time. I wanted to plant one more flower with my nephew Eston, have one more deep conversation with my niece Izzy. I wanted to argue with Katie over something silly, and get a note of apology under my door just once more. I wanted to hear the click of Indi and Maggie’s toenails on the wooden floor, and the clink of their collars as they ran down the hallway and jumped onto our bed. I wanted to watch Steve jump on the trampoline with the kids as a hose sprayed them from below. I wanted to see him lovingly care for our gardens for just one more day. I wanted to watch my kids fall in love with their spouses all over again, watch my granddaughters grow from tiny infants into beautiful little girls… And I got my wishes, every day, as Steve and I packed up boxes. The movie of our lives in this wonderful house played on in our hearts as we said good bye, box by box. Tomorrow we close on the new house where we will make new memories. We will unpack all these boxes full of stories, and add new pages to them. We are beyond blessed to be able to embark on this next adventure. We look forward to the memories that await us. But today we will celebrate all the years that were. Happy Famiversary, Steve, Katie and Robby…..and Nate, and Erin, and Bristol , and Ellie. 

One thought on “Happy Famiversary

  1. I always enjoy reading your blog. This one sort of scares me, though. What would I do if it was time, God forbid, for me to move out of this house? I would be absolutely paralyzed with grief! And this may be a way for me to comment without “liking” the post.


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