Humanity with a capital ‘H’ 

During a time when we find ourselves, yet again, praying for victims of a mass murder, we look for answers. As the number of victims of mass shootings rises every month, we also find ourselves losing faith in our ability to arrive at a solution. We argue and accuse, finding fault in those who think differently. We lash out at anyone whose opinion goes against our beliefs. We are so easily distracted by political issues. And when I say we, I mean me as well. I have seen name calling, and horrible hateful comments, all because one man decided to act on his hatred. We have allowed one man to define our anger and distract us from hope. As the bullets were flying Sunday night, people jumped into action. People acted quickly and courageously and covered loved ones, and strangers alike. Many brave souls gave aid to the injured, at great risk of becoming a victim themselves. Law enforcement officials somehow got to the hotel room of the murderer, and brought him down before he could raise the death toll any further. Paramedics and able bodied individuals sprang into action, and rushed the injured to hospitals. Doctors and nurses worked tirelessly for hours on end to save lives. People showed up in droves to donate blood. And I guarantee that not once did any of those heroes stop and ask the person they were helping what their political ideology, religion, or sexual orientation was before they helped them out. So let’s focus on the heroes a little longer, especially those who lost their lives. Think about all those acts of humanity, and bravery. Hundreds of good selfless people versus one evil man. There is no contest. Humanity is color blind, it is deaf to political rants, it speaks only of love for our fellow man. Humanity is hope. Humanity wins in the fight against evil every time. So let’s keep that victory going a little longer, today, tomorrow, and every tomorrow after.

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