The COVID Catalyst

If we don’t use this moment in world history as catalyst for major transformation of -healthcare systems, response to climate crisis, our encroachment into the animal world, our greed and materialism, how we care for marginalized populations- we don’t deserve to see an end to this pandemic. All these deaths will have been in vain. I don’t know how we will make this transformation. I don’t pretend to have all the answers. I just know that we had the ability to get to this point, we also have the ability to reverse the engines of society that brought us here. If we don’t make some major changes, this will happen again. Maybe not in our lifetime, but perhaps your children or grandchildren’s lifetime. And if we continue to live as we have been, it will most likely be worse.

Our hearts are in the right place, let’s put our brainpower, compassion, and focus on the future there too.

We are a better future.

Just my bleeding heart opinion. No link attached, or necessary.

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