I am a fifty-ish wife, mom grandma, friend, looking for adventure at the tips of my blistered thumbs. I am surviving quite well with stage three COPD, and thankful for every moment. I have had long periods of downtime most of my life, and as a result I experienced life through written word. I devoured books as a child( still do) and soon discovered I love to write.

I have held my share of jobs while I could still work, but my calling was caring for my children, and being the best damned helicopter mom my experience, cell phone, and mini van allowed me to be. I have two grown children, and consider their spouses my children as well. My husband Steve and I are now enjoying the wonderful adventure known as grand parenting. We live and love to the tune of our family joy.

My blog is a collection of essays, short stories, musings, and perhaps maybe even novel entries from the various books I have written, but not yet completed over the years. I write about everything from politics to potting flowers, social issues to soliloquys on the joys of gardening with a five year old, and everything in between. I am a card carrying bleeding heart Pollyanna liberal, but I’m willing to talk about opposing viewpoints. I am a wanna be writer with too much to say, and lots of time to tap it all out onto my screen. So here I am dipping my toe in the deep end of the crowded pool known as blog. Blog, it sounds like a town located in middle earth, which is where I will pretend you all hale from so that this fear of public writing will stop making my thumbs sweat and slip off my phone. Yes, you read that right, I type on my phone. I’m a work in progress, bear with me. Before you know it, I will have a Mac laptop with a sleek case so I can carry it to Bigbys; and drink my chai tea among the other people pretending to write something worthy of sharing with the world. But first, I have to figure out what a header is. See you on the other side of our hardening thumb calluses.

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