A Place in My Mind

Fall has always been a bittersweet season for me. The bitter is a story for another day. But the sweet sometimes brings to mind a time when I often felt lost and unfocused, and a place where I felt safe and grounded. A place that brought me peace and still brings me serenity in remembering-Fisher … Continue reading A Place in My Mind

Eulogy for DebJane

Debra Jane Blood was a navigator. It’s no accident that she worked in the travel industry for 20 years. She was a courageous guide; a lighthouse on the murky dark days, and a historian recording the days that shine brightest. She recognized what we needed even before most of us knew what it was. Her … Continue reading Eulogy for DebJane


Days of moving about freely among crowded restaurants, stores, concerts, bars, and dance floors, schools, and places of work. Speaking to each other across tables, desks, or just a few feet apart in a hallway or front yard. Bumping elbows, shaking hands- - -hugging. Those days are slowly unraveling before us like thread on wooden … Continue reading Threads