Coming of Age in a Cracker Box

I guess you could say I came of age in a cracker box gymnasium. Long before I was a even a twinkle in my parents eyes, they met in that gymnasium. The old Mendon High School gym was home to many local events. One of those events being the Kiwanis Showboat. It is a local … Continue reading Coming of Age in a Cracker Box

A Mother’s Faith

I am going to take you on journey. It is a long difficult journey. A path that has been travelled a thousand times over. A story told on the backs of long suffering immigrants again and again.  You may cry and lose hope along the way. You may want to quit in disgust, or disbelief. … Continue reading A Mother’s Faith

Solar Eclipse-Shadow of Sin or Proof of God’s Glory?

My God is an awesome God. He doesn't hand out punishment like a strict parent. He is a guiding light, not a dark presence. I know many people think the solar eclipse is some sort of warning. A sign to our country that we are sinning, and the shadows cast for a little less than … Continue reading Solar Eclipse-Shadow of Sin or Proof of God’s Glory?

One Candle

One candle can light millions.... It's time to work together as a nation, passing the light, increasing its brilliance. Come in from the shadows of bi partisanship; look up and shine your candle on our flag, look up and pray for the ideals that brought about this great nation to once again be of greater … Continue reading One Candle