History Repeats

Forty-five years ago, in the summer of ‘74, my family was traveling on one of our summer adventures. I can’t remember where we were going, I recall a car overloaded, and a desire to ride in front between my parents. I was 11 years old. An awkward age when you want to be a child … Continue reading History Repeats

Crescent Beach Road

I miss Fall long ago on Fisher Lake. Windows wide open to get that last blast of fresh lake air. That crisp, tart essence off the lake mixed with the slightly mildewy, earthy musk of wet leaves; smells of life slowing down for a long winter nap. The artistry of the trees, painted with autumn … Continue reading Crescent Beach Road

Solar Eclipse-Shadow of Sin or Proof of God’s Glory?

My God is an awesome God. He doesn't hand out punishment like a strict parent. He is a guiding light, not a dark presence. I know many people think the solar eclipse is some sort of warning. A sign to our country that we are sinning, and the shadows cast for a little less than … Continue reading Solar Eclipse-Shadow of Sin or Proof of God’s Glory?