A Vote for Empathy

I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of empathy in this divisive, angry, mournful, moment of our history. This is what I understand about empathy-Empathy is the ability to understand someone else’s feelings, usually by means of a shared experience or a deep connection. It is a profound emotion that can be felt and … Continue reading A Vote for Empathy

Shifting Heddles

Days of Being a face in a crowd Sharing a table in a restaurant Offering peace in church with a hug Or a handshake Cheering for your favorite team Nights of Brushing elbows in a crowded pub Thousands of cell phone lights And boozy sing alongs in crowded concerts Blissful din among a party of … Continue reading Shifting Heddles


Days of moving about freely among crowded restaurants, stores, concerts, bars, and dance floors, schools, and places of work. Speaking to each other across tables, desks, or just a few feet apart in a hallway or front yard. Bumping elbows, shaking hands- - -hugging. Those days are slowly unraveling before us like thread on wooden … Continue reading Threads