HeartStones~A Legacy Remembered; Letters Sent on Angels Wings~

On August 9, 2010, my Mom left this earth too soon. She was only 68. Her name was Ana Roberts Haas. I owe much to my Mom, and recently I have come to realize how much she taught me about life, love, being a Mother, and Grandmother; even her death has set forth a lesson in faith.

Mom was an interesting person with complex beliefs. Among her varied spiritual leanings, she believed in an afterlife, she believed in heaven, one in which we are capable of communicating with loved ones after we cross over. I know she has been close to me on many occasions, leaving heart shaped stones at my feet to let me know her heart is close to mine. This blog is dedicated to reviving her legacy for my Granddaughter Bristol. Bristol was born a little over a year after Mom died. They never met in person, but they will meet on paper. I want Bristol to carry her Great Nana with her throughout her life, and want Mom to feel the warmth of Bristol’s smile and the light of her spirit in every word I write.

My goal is to someday transform this blog into a book to share with the rest of the world. Telling my Mom’s story is especially important to my Dad, and talking to Mom about Bristol will bring her closer in many ways. Bridging a gap between the here and gone, young and old, the loved and loved…

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