One Candle

One candle can light millions.... It's time to work together as a nation, passing the light, increasing its brilliance. Come in from the shadows of bi partisanship; look up and shine your candle on our flag, look up and pray for the ideals that brought about this great nation to once again be of greater … Continue reading One Candle

Once upon a time….almost a year ago

The human condition, all at once filled with hope, and helplessness, beauty and battle scars, philanthropy, and avarice, faith and apathy, love and hate...and more love. If I have learned anything from our nations latest tragedy, it is this: We are first and foremost emotional beings. Our hearts beat with a rhythm set by life, … Continue reading Once upon a time….almost a year ago


When life seems uncertain, and prayers appear unanswered, move forward in faith, shine a light over the shadow of doubt...Till the earth, plant the seeds, nourish and water your life, knowing it will go on. Once the colors of answered prayers appear, show gratitude in the way you harvest God's abundant blessings.....shine a light.


It was the newest part of the day, 1:01am to be exact, on a stormy Friday. I was in labor all day Thursday, induced by my doctor. At around 9pm, the doctor decided to stop inducing, let me get some rest, and try again in the morning. Nana and Papa, and Aunt Ronnie, all left … Continue reading Bubby

Soul Song

I wish I was a song , my feet are the notes dancing on the page~my hands, one guiding the clef, the other the staff~my minds eye sees the music, as one ear brings forth harmony, the other melody~my heart, the chromaticism that takes the notes to places high and low, invoking emotions of joy … Continue reading Soul Song


On a sunny Sunday afternoon, 28 years ago, I became a mother. She was so beautiful, so sweet, so alert, and so so long. Twenty-four inches to be exact, two feet of pure joy......The first few hours of labor were scary, because it was my first. Once my parents arrived, my fear abated. My Mom … Continue reading Katie